Viola Maehren’s 100th Birthday — 3 Comments


    Viola passed away soon after her birthday celebration. Her service was held Dec. 4, 2020.

    Viola was a powerhouse of a person who took on challenges without reluctance or reservation. I’m so glad she convinced me to be chapter president of Minn. Republican Women. That was an invaluable experience! That was the way she was-she raised you up to find talents you never really knew you had. Many will miss her. She made it to 100 and then must have thought—‘Lord, I’m yours—give me a new job, I’m ready!’


  2. I learned just now of Vi Maehren’s 100th b-d celebration and subsequent passing. Vi was a person of integrity. I am probably the only living member of the original or early “crew” of LEA member/supporters such as Jim Blilie, Rep. Walter Kraus, Vi and several others who are part of the LEA record.

    If I live to 14 August 2021 I will reach 95 years of age. I am a WWII army veteran and subsequently served one term as a State Rep from then District 19A which included my home county of Chisago and part of Anoka and of Isanti counties. We scrutinized the voting records of the Legislators and didn’t give out
    words of praise to those who did not meet the high standards of LEA.

  3. Viola Maehren’s impact on the lives of many people lives on and reminds us of what one person
    can do with the talents that God gives each one of us. She was encouraging and upbeat even against
    the odds. I miss her but remember her gentle spirit and encouraging attitude.

    A few of us who worked with her while she was in the MN Constitution Party attended her memorial service in Avon, MN where she grew up. She will be missed.

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