President: Mr. Don Lee

Don Lee is semi-retired, and lives in Dakota County. Mr. Lee is married with three children (and two grandchildren). He became LEA’s President in 2017, and has been a board member, officer and advisor, off and on, since 2010. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.

Mr. Lee had a long career at several local technology companies. He worked for over 25 years at Univac, Cray Research, Instrumental, Adaptec and Panasas on compilers, operating systems, performance tuning and device drivers. He has also operated a small ISP since 1998.

In recent years, Mr Lee has become more engaged in politics, taking leadership roles in his local BPOU, running for legislative office, and getting involved with LEA.

Vice-President: Mr.  John Augustine

Secretary: Mr. Alex Bednar

Alexander Bednar graduated in 2011 from Concordia University Saint Paul Magna Cum Laude with a Major in Political Science with International Relations Focus and 2 minors in Economics and Arabic. He is currently working for Minnesota Business Alliance (MNBA) under the direction of former Representative Phil Krinkie advocating on behalf of small businesses of under 50 employees and he has a background in research, policy advocacy, and grant writing.

Treasurer: Mr. Dana Burkinshaw

Dana Burkinshaw graduated from the University of South Dakota with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Administration. He worked for sixteen years in that field for such companies as Koehn Manufacturing, Honeywell, and Norwest Bank.
In 2007 Dana graduated from seminary with a Master of Divinity Degree. He currently assists with ministry, gives Bible studies, and is involved with childhood Christian education. Dana resides in Richfield, MN.


Officers of the Board — 1 Comment

  1. John,
    Thanks for your leadership as the President of LEA. Please pass on my best regards to everyone at the Annual Dinner. All of your efforts there are greatly appreciated!
    Ted Daley

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